positive displacement meter / flowmeter / analog / for gasoline / diesel fuel
961 Lincoln



  • Type:

    positive displacement

  • Display:


  • Applications:

    for gasoline, diesel fuel


Model 961 High Volume Gallons
U.L. approved for gasoline and diesel fuels. Meters light-weight petroleum-base products by pump or gravity flow. Volume flow of 6 to 38 gpm. Calibrated in U.S. gallons; 1/10 gallon graduations. Straight readout to 999.9 gallons; reset knob on meter body. Non-reset totalizer on meter face. 50 psi max. pressure. 61/4" h, 71/8" w; 51/2 lbs. 1" NPT(f) inlet/outlet.
NOTE: For consumer use only. Not intended for measurement where resale is contemplated.

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