grease pump / electric / agriculture / for the construction industry
Quicklub® Lincoln



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  • Domain:

    agriculture, for the construction industry

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  • Pressure:

    Max.: 350 bar (5,076.321 psi)


The new Quicklub 15-L reservoirs have the capacity to meet the trends of today’s longer equipment maintenance intervals. Construction, agriculture, and mobile equipment are being fitting with components allowing the machines to be in service for longer durations without scheduled maintenance. The 15-Lreservoir, almost double the capacity of the 8-L Quicklub pumps, allows longer, uninterrupted operation with reliable and dependable lubrication from Lincoln’s industry-leading system. The Quicklub 15-L reservoirs are equipped with a stirring paddle mechanism to prevent grease separation when not in use for long periods, much like today’s 2-L, 4-L, and 8-L models. The 15-L also has special reservoir support brackets and base to adequately endure the extra weight and height, even when subjected to off-road vibrations. There are over 200 systems installed and running successfully in Europe. (Models 644-46278-3, 644-46278-1, 644-40987-2)

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