RS232 transceiver / radio / IC / line driver
LT1xxx, LTCxxxx, LTM2882 series Linear Technology



  • Network:

    RS232, radio

  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:

    line driver


RS232, the updated version of TIA-232, specifies data transmission at rates up to 20kbps over an unterminated multi-conductor cable. While the original specification was intended for use in modems, updated versions eliminated unneeded signals. This allowed for expansion, which ultimately led to the RS562 standard. The connector and electrical characteristics are specified with this standard.

Its expanded scope allows it to be used as a general purpose serial interface. The smaller version of this model is the RS562, with the primary difference of having a specified ±3.7V minimum driver output voltage rather than the minimum of ±5V specified by the 232 model. Power supply requirements are eased with the ±3.7V output voltage. Combination, dual and single transceivers are offered by Linear Technology. For the combination transceivers, up to five RS562/232 drivers and receivers can be used for power supplies ranging from 1.8V to 5.5V.