Crystal oscillator / electronic / voltage-controlled / programmable
LTC699x series Linear Technology


  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    voltage-controlled, programmable

  • Electrical characteristics:

    low-frequency, PWM

  • Frequency:

    Min.: 3.8 Hz

    Max.: 2 MHz


TimerBlox parts are designed to be accurate and small. The simple timing devices are designed with five basic operations including low frequency clocking, voltage-controlled oscillation, pulse width modulation, signal delay and one shot generation.

These timer boxes come with an accurate programmable oscillator that has precision logic and circuitry. There are no crystals, capacitors or micro-controllers. The small footprint allows each device to be positioned at the point of usage. Sink and source capability is rated at 20mA allowing the TimerBlox parts to directly drive opto-isolators and transformers for isolation of electricity.


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