video corpo

Control foot switch / potentiometer / single / momentary
09 series Linemaster


  • Function:


  • Technology:


  • Type:

    single, momentary

  • Protection level:



The potentiometer is compatible with EN 60529 standards, offering an IP20 degree of protection. The materials used for construction include steel (for the housing), spring return pedals, adjustable friction pads and others. The maximum resistance must be specified when ordering. As for the features and benefits, the item retrofits most welding equipment pieces with a simple receptacle selection, being suitable for environments where a non-watertight housing is suitable.

Next, there are two holes provided for rigid mounting, as well as numerous custom cable lengths. Finally, the various foot-operated potentiometers come in 5,000 or 10,000Ohm, with other values being available on request or by special order. For pricing and availability, users should contact the manufacturer.


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