Laboratory split tube furnace
max. 1150 °C, 88 kW | FRHT series Linn High Therm

Tube furnace FRHT-5-370/4500/1150
Heat treatment of “Stents”.

Horizontal five-zone split-type tubular furnace with Inconel 601 retort (200 x 200 x 5000 mm wxtxd) for heat treatment of “Stents”. “Stents” are inserted in magazines and afterwards the magazines will be manually put in the retort. After the heat treatment the magazine will be manually let into a water bath, which is fixed to the front end of the design. Each zone possesses an own temperature control unit G800 with RS 485 interface. Temperature accuracy over 3500 mm +/- 5 K.

Furnaces can be supported with additional options: gas feeding- and burn off device, gas tight retort, vacuum design with vacuum pumping up to 5 x 10-5 mbar.

Max. heating power: 88 kW
Continues temperature: 1150 °C


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