reheating furnace / tunnel / gas
max. 1300 °C, 56 kW | FRH series Linn High Therm



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  • Maximum temperature:

    Max.: 1,300 °C (2,372 °F)


The push through furnace temperature rating stands at 1300 °C FRH 3-200-2000-1250 Special. The tubular furnace comes with 2 insert tubes that are made from alloys that are highly resistant to heat. This makes them the perfect tool for preheating various forging parts. There are a wide range of products that come with varying geometric and weight of the parts. The wide band use is possible through the optimization of the locating elements for the forging parts. Both feeds can be operated separately. Supplementable through the loading magazine for a completely automatic system for a totally automatic system solution. It has an insulated swing up mechanism in order to prevent heat loss for the outlet. Forging parts are pushed out at the highest temperatures
The temperature controller i-Tron Option comes with an additional gas flush so as to prevent oxidation of the components. Tube inside diameter: 73 mm (2x) Heated length: 2000 mm (3-zones) 500 / 1000 / 500 mm Heating power: 14/28/14 kW = 56 kW Tmax

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