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TMA PT1000 Linseis Thermal Analysis



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The LINSEIS TMA PT1000 Thermomechanical Analyzer is designed with reproducibility, accuracy and high-precision in mind. This system meets all TMA/DTMA requirements and is capable of performing a range of thermomechanical experiments on samples of varying shapes and sizes and in a wide temperature range. The integrated force/frequency generator permits carrying out of both static and dynamic measurements. This unit is intended for use with composite materials, glass, polymers, ceramics and metals of various geometric shapes including: fibers, rods, films, rods and cylinders. When operating with low constant load, this unit features linear thermal expansion evaluation, volume change, phase transformation, sinter process evaluation, softening point determination, transformation points, swelling behavior and tension. When working with increased constant load, it features penetration, transition and comparison tests and 3 point bending test, while the dynamic load features visco-elastic behavior. Additionall options include, DTA evaluation and RCS (rate controlled sintering software).

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