Diesel motor / multi-cylinder / water-cooled
60 - 70 kW | GWT4-22 LISTER PETTER

Power range: 60 - 70 kW; 80.4 - 93.8 bhp
Variable speed: 1500 - 2200 r/min
Turbocharged heavy duty variable speed diesel engine
Special Attributes
250-hour service intervals
continuous operation in ambient temperatures up to 50°C (122°F)
cold start down to 10°C (14°F)
Basic Engine Characteristics
four cylinders
diesel fuelled
direct injection
liquid cooled
Design Features and Equipment
standard oil and fuel filters
12V electric start (optional 24V)
anticlockwise rotation, looking on flywheel end
SAE 10 and 11.5 flywheel
SAE3 flywheel housing
radiator with fan guard
cast-iron crankcase
self-vent fuel system
inline fuel injection pump
flywheel with ring gear
air cleaner
water temperature sender
oil pressure sender
spin-on lubricating-oil filter
fuel filter/agglomerator
inlet and exhaust manifolds
operators handbook


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