ground fault circuit breaker / voltage / for network protection
SB6100 series Littelfuse



  • Electrical characteristics:

    ground fault, voltage

  • Applications:

    for network protection

  • Current:

    Min.: 10 mA

    Max.: 100 mA

  • VAC:

    600 V


The SB1600 Series features the Industrial Shock-Block, a special purpose ground-fault circuit interrupter designed to provide safety for workers in industrial workstations. This series is ideal for grounded-neutral systems where ground voltage is more than or less than 150 Vac. It is also applicable in grounded-neutral systems that need or have been provided with both the equipment grounding and double insulation. These applications for GFCIs are based on the UL 943C standard.

The SB1600 is available in various models equipped with user interface and 600 V incoming fuses.