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Taxi Trolley

SLC Shelf Trolleys

Platform Trolleys

Disposal of recyclable materials

Box Pallet Trolleys

Pallet Trolleys

Lift Platform Trolleys

Low Loader Trolleys

Adaptor pallet

Ampoule cassettes and batch trolleys


Box pallets, aluminum and stainless steel

Lift trucks

Lifting and tilting equipment

Mobile weighing systems

Weighing terminals

MBF (Mini Bag Frame), aluminum and stainless steel

Pallets aluminium and stainless steel


All-Purpose Collectors


Shelf / Table Trolleys

Double-decker trolley plus

Roll / Cage Containers for the Textile Logistics

Roll / Cage Containers for the Postal Logistics and CEP Industry

Shelf and Trolley System

Cabinet Trolleys

Platform Trolleys

Mail Delivery Carts

Document and Sorting Trolleys

HERKULEX Hand Trucks

Floor-To-Floor Logistics