load lifting device / with hoist / with tray / battery-powered
ROBUSTO Reflex 75 LKE GmbH - Experts in Material Handling



  • Product applications:

    for loads

  • Other characteristics:

    battery-powered, with tray, with hoist

  • Load limit:

    75 kg (165 lb)


The LKE ROBUSTO Reflex 75 is a semi-electric stacker constructed with approx. 880mm (L) x 500mm (W) x 2056mm (H) dimensions as well as 1.4301 stainless-steel framework. It can exhibit a battery voltage of 24V with charging voltage of 100V up to 240V. This unit can accommodate 1735mm up to 140mm of lift in its 485mm x 460mm platform. This 45kg unit has load bearing capacity of 70kg and is in compliance with IP54 protection class. It can deliver ergonomic and stable operation in every professional use. In addition, its platform can be replaced into an optional stainless steel platform.