Melt flow indexer (MFI) for thermoplastics
MFI-10 Lloyd Instruments


The MFI-10 Metal Flow Indexer is an intelligent modular system, this provides flexibility for testing and improves automation, more so when it is used in conjunction with the optional simple to use NEXYGEN data analysis software. The main base of the unit is configurable for manual or completely automated testing. For those who use the same machine for a specific test, a standard test set up may be saved and protected by password. Those who are carrying out different tests can save up to 10 set-ups and recall them by name. Operators do not need to have any experience, the backlit LCD provides written instruction at each step with audible prompts at the correct time and result which is calculated and displayed at the end of the test. Busy laboratories will save on time and increase health and safety through automation of the entire process.


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