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straight flute tap / HSS straight flute tap / HSS - API


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    straight flute

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Sucker rods for transporting oil and gas must be capable of withstanding enormous loads. Using pipes up to nine meters in length, the raw materials are conveyed from maximum depths of 3,000 meters. Much is dependent on the screwed connections between the pipes: while they are obliged to withstand high pressure levels during the pumping process, they also bear the entire weight of rods which are sometimes several kilometers long. Even a minor material fault can cause the rod to tear with the result that the drilled hole becomes useless and has to be sealed. Both the threads at the ends of the pipes and in the couplings are therefore subject to the stringent API standard.

As a technology and international market leader, LMT TOOLS already has many years of experience in the oil and gas industry which have now been incorporated in development of the new full range. Thread rolling and thread forming display some clear advantages: both processes guarantee high-tensile and smooth surfaces as contrary to thread cutting and turning the pipe's material fibers are not interrupted. The processes are also extremely efficient: external threads (using an API axial rolling head) and internal threads (using an API thread former) only take a few seconds to manufacture.