Electric hydraulic power unit / for torque wrenches / mobile
LHU series Lösomat - Schraubtechnik Neef GmbH


  • Power source:


  • Applications:

    for torque wrenches

  • Other characteristics:


  • Operating pressure:

    800 bar (11603.02 psi)


The LÖSOMAT Hydraulic Units have sensors that are fully installed in the unit. They have an entirely covered housing that protects unit and operator even on complicated operations. These units also have a cooling air supply for enhanced cooling of the unit even under
extreme loads. They are also designed with a wear-free pump technology that ensures maintenance-free applications.

The LÖSOMAT Hydraulic Units have fast pumps with 2 to 3 sages technology that yields 800 bar output and and engine to secure an intense pump output at extended pressure. The main fastening methods can be done manually or automatically. The regulator of these units can be modified according to the additional modules required.


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