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diamond wire saw diamond wire saw - Model 15


Model 15 saw is a compact saw, ideal for the precision slicing and dicing of materials from the most delicate crystals to the hardest ceramics.

Diamond wire:
The diamond wire cutting head is used whenever there is a requirement to produce a cut with minimum surface and sub-surface damage. This is the most gentle method of cutting available and is perfect for low speed cutting of brittle and delicate specimens. Kerf loss is dependent on the wire diameter but is typically 0.25mm (0.009")

Diamond disc:
Diamond discs are suitable for the cutting of less delicate or harder materials, where sub-surface damage is less important. The cutting action of diamond discs is very effective on hard ceramics, electro-optic materials and robust semiconductor materials. Kerf loss is typically 0.5mm (0.02") but with a higher geometric accuracy than cuts with a diamond wire.

Abrasive disc:
Abrasive discs are for the cutting of metals. The model 15 saw is most effective with a silicon carbide disc, which allows metals with a hardness up to Moh 8 to be cut.

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