sliding table saw / for asphalt / frame / automatic
max. 16 mm | 330, 500 series Logosol AB



  • Technology:

    sliding table

  • Treated material:

    for asphalt

  • Other characteristics:

    frame, automatic


The operational reliability and superior efficiency of this frame saw by Logosol alone make it one of the best in its segment. For the past 20 years, the frame saw has been constantly improved without adding new technology and more smart functions, but by making small amendments to the frame angle, the mechanical feeding and the flywheel. This has resulted in a much more authentic machine, where the frame is the core component of the chain saw combined with a maximum of twenty saw blades that are fitted up and down together with a balanced flywheel as a counterweight.

The flywheel, frame and the mechanical feeding work together and this is quite evident when it is working. Furthermore, the level of cound is low and similar to a puffing steam locomotive.