signal amplifier / switching / DIN rail / electronic
GM44-GW Lorenz Messtechnik



  • Type:


  • Secondary function:


  • Other characteristics:

    DIN rail, electronic, for strain gauge sensors

  • Voltage:

    10 V


The Limit Value Evaluation GM 44 is universally applicable as a fast limit value extension with 0 .. ±10V input.
The narrow shape of the housing allows space-saving mounting in switch cabinets on standardized DIN mounting rails.
Most modern PhotoMOS relays ensure fastest and over many years reliable shifting processes without mechanical contacts.
In each case, one closing contact per limit value is available, the setpoint value can be adjusted from -10V .. +10V by a 20- fold potentiometer. The switching direc- tion is selected by a switch. The switching status is indicated by an LED in each case
A galvanically separated excitation volt- age range from 10 .. 30V and the setpoint values of 0 .. ±10V allow direct signal pro- cessing with a PLC control.
All control elements are obtainable behind a removable plexiglass plate on the front side.