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PAX-DP series Lorenz Messtechnik



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PAX-DP is a very flexible and accurate 2-channel laboratory device which is also excellently qualified for rough industrial applications due to its very robust synthetic housing and the IP65 level of protection on front side. The device is programmed by 5 keys. Additional functions such as e.g. mini- mum/maximum memory, delete memory, channel 1 or 2....., can be effected by keys or by the 2 program- mable inputs. The inputs can by adjusted by jumpers PNP- or NPN-. A linearization of up to 16 steps is possible. Both devices are equipped with an easy to change backlight unit display. The 2-channel device has 2 galvanical- ly separated ±10V or ±20 mA inputs. Thus, this device is especially suitable for dual-range sensors with active output signals. The display channel can be switched over by keystroke or by a control input. Each measuring channel has its own parameter set, the output cards can be assigned freely and both measured values can be transferred via the inter- face. The device can be fitted and/or refitted with the most various output cards. Maximal, the device can be equipped with one limit value output, one analog output and one interface slot. Each PAX unit is also available as a LPAX-model. LPAX has a large display (38 mm height LED-unit) which is legi- ble from a distance of 20 m.