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Compact AC drive
200 - 240 VAC | VFNC3 series LOVATO ELECTRIC


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VFNC3 is an ultra-compact motor drive with high performance and extremely reliable (printed circuit surface protection per IEC/EN 60721-3-3).
Easily installed, VFNC3 is equipped with a front display and innovative jog dial control, which simplifies the programming and control pocesses of the drive and motor. The on-board RS485 interface permits and overall remote control (supervision and communication protocols).
VFNC3 can be used in simple applications such as extractor fans, ventilators, conveyor belts, machine tools, car washes, fitness equipment, but also in applications of intermediate complexity, such as pumps, waterworks.
The vector control and the possibility to enabble the motor auto-tuning warrants efficiency and high torques even with very low operating frequencies.


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