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Control relay / voltage / frequency
max. 1.13 V, max. 0.5 Hz/s | PMVF10 LOVATO ELECTRIC


  • Function:


  • Electrical characteristics:

    frequency, voltage


The monitoring relay PMVF10 is designed and developed to satisfy requirements of the local power authority (ENEL guide edition 2.1 of 12/2010). The authority imposes that the following automatic controls be done whenever an independent power source
(e.g. wind turbine or photovoltaic systems, diesel generating set, etc.) is connected in parallel with the electrical grid (local low-voltage utility):
– Limits of minimum and maximum voltage values
– Limits of minimum and maximum frequency values
– Limit of the Rate Of Change Of Frequency (ROCOF).
When at least one of these limits are not respected, abnormal conditions need to be signalled using a contact.
Typically, the contact is used to isolate the independent power source from the electrical grid.


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