storage software / notification / converter / spectrum analysis
LPT-SMART LP Technologies, Inc



  • Function:

    storage, notification, converter, spectrum analysis

  • Applications:




- Built-in Frequency Converter Table
- E-mail Notification when signals are out of spec
- Full Screen Live Trace Display
- Multiple Analyzer Memorized Set Up
- Multiple Analyzer Storage Database
- Record Marker Data to a file on a computer
- Record Marker Delta Levels and Delta Frequency Readouts
- Record & Replay Trace History in User-defined Time Intervals
- Save E-mail-ready Images of Traces
- Scheduled LOGOFF
- Simultaneous display of Max, Min and Active Traces
- Unlimited number of Memorized Presets
- Visual and Sound Alarm notifications for signals out of user set thresholds
- 1 to 4 Marker Selection
- NEW VERSION with Options:
- Continious polling of carriers Memorized
- Simultaneous Control of Muliple Analyzers
- MULTI-USER Access with Controlling and Viewing Machines