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flexible heating element / ceramic
Miflex LPC Holdings Ltd

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flexible heating element / ceramic flexible heating element / ceramic - Miflex


  • Type:


  • Material:


  • Maximum temperature:

    700 °C (1,292 °F)


Flexible knuckle heaters, often supplied as standard on European and American machinery, are the ideal solution for applications which call for high watt density, easy fitting and handling.

The Miflex steel casing is formed with special overlapping serrations around circumferential edges to provide an ½ inch (12mm) flexible wall. A ceramic block element unit within the case is designed to accommodate the element spiral(s) in a series of parallel holes.

The blocks are arranged in an overlapping pattern, in a similar way to house bricks, and when threaded with the element(s) the arrangement forms a single flexible unit. A back insulation of ceramic fibre, between the element assembly and the case, reduces the heat loss.
Watts densities of up to 50 watts per square inch are provided in both single and multi phase arrangements.
The standard clamping on Miflex heaters is a "quick release" roller bolt system, developed by LPC to provide substantial strength and easy fitting. Other types can be fitted on request. It is important that knuckle heaters are clamped tight and retightening of clamps is recommended after warm up.
Standard terminations are M6 stainless studs within the terminal box, but cables, plug fittings or ceramic block terminals can be fitted as required.