overhead conveyor shot blasting machine / for cylinders
BFC-16 LS Industries



  • Type:

    overhead conveyor

  • Applications:

    for cylinders


BFC-16 Propane Cylinder Blaster

"Constructed from a manganese alloy steel for superior resistance to abrasive wear."

External cleaning of cylinders and tanks diameters as large as 14" and as long as 42", or 20#, 30#, and 40# tanks.

Two Turbo Shot™ impellers, one each, balanced overhead, and under throw. Long life impeller housing with easily replaced liners and impeller blades. Sealed bearings for longer bearing life Abrasive feed system includes augers and bucket elevator. Access doors for impeller wheels and for bucket elevator Ammeter to monitor abrasive level. Cabinet is constructed from a manganese alloy steel for superior resistance to abrasive wear. Replaceable chrome liners in direct impact areas and rubber liners are placed in areas of deflected abrasive impact.

The, 24" x 48", opening of the cabinet is segregated from the main blast area by vestibule spaces, which prevent abrasive from escaping the blast area. The vestibules are not subject to abrasive impact and are constructed from manganese alloy steel. All material feed openings are covered with screens to further contain abrasive.

One indexing manganese conveyor and three manganese hanging slots that will rotate the cylinders to ensure 360° blasting. Complete cleaning of cylinder. All dividers are made of manganese alloy steel.