cutting oil / maintenance / synthetic
LUBRA CUT 1010 Lubricantes de America (Mfg.)



  • Function:

    cutting, maintenance

  • Type:



LubraCut 1010 is a 100% tramp oil rejecting synthetic metalworking fluid. It is designed to machine cast iron, steel, and stainless steel.

Rejects Tramp Oil
100% True Synthetic
Excellent Corrosion Protection
Excellent Tool Life/Wheel Life
Pleasant Odor
Cleaner Working Environment
Low Maintenance Costs
Low Foaming
Metal removal from cutting or grinding will generate heat, and this heat gain can be very destructive to tooling. LubraCut 1010 is properly formulated to remove heat rapidly, while protecting the machine tool and machined parts. These ingredients will properly lubricate the part and reduce the friction force present, thereby increasing tool life and reducing operational costs.