lubricant oil / synthetic / for engines
LUBRAL 4T R56 JASO MA2 / API SN Lubricantes de America (Mfg.)



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    for engines


LUBRAL MOTO SYNTHETIC 4T R56 JASO MA2 / API SN oils are developed for the lubrication of 4T engines, formulated with the highest performance technology JASO MA2 in synthetic oils to meet the requirements of manufacturers of motorcycles that circulate in an environment of Light to heavy service. guaranteeing the care of all the components and optimum lubrication of the clutches bathed in oil. Product of high response and reliability.

Provides adequate protection against wear caused by the high temperatures and excessive friction to which the motors of this type are subjected.
They contain an adequate antioxidant protection to minimize the increase of the viscosity and sludge formation, lacquers and varnishes.
Allows proper friction for clutch discs to prevent slippage and premature wear on transmission and engine
It is designed for the service of 4-stroke gasoline engines of motorcycles with gearboxes and clutch (clutch) submerged in the oil.

It complies with the level of performance of the Japanese standard JASO MA2 (T903-2011) and API SN