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thermal imaging camera / monitoring / infrared / microbolometer
FlareSpection LumaSense Technologies



  • Function:

    monitoring, thermal imaging

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  • Interface:

    gigabit Ethernet

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Lumasense FlareSpection™
Flare and pilot monitoring are required for critical flaring systems to ensure readiness for handling waste gas. Given the unique demands of monitoring flares from a distance, the FlareSpection camera is robust, easy to deploy, and designed for continuous duty monitoring in classified hazardous areas. LumaSense has developed specific image analysis tools with years of experience to provide direct and trusted integration to the plant’s distributed control system (DCS).

Flare tips in close proximity cause interference from adjacent flare tips for most remote optical (IR or UV) sensors. The LumaSense FlareSpection infrared camera is designed to provide the clearest flare image and pilot flame monitoring to enable reliable monitoring of multiple flare tips.

The flare monitoring thermal imaging system enables users to confirm flare operation remotely and automatically, detecting differences in heat signatures of the flare stack. Designed with special spectral ranges, calibrations, and optics, the FlareSpection camera can view clearly through moisture, heavy rain, and fog even at great distances.

With an adjustable mount and base, the powerful lens and high resolution camera offer a clear view of flare details from a convenient ground mounting location. The camera is protected in a stainless steel enclosure with an integrated site tube to prevent dust and dirt on the window, allowing for uninterrupted use with minimal maintenance.

The software includes the capability of logging performance for audits, recording video for reviewing historical events, and setting up alerts for measurements that may fall outside of the plant’s preset limits.