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IMPAC IS 12 & IS 12-S LumaSense Technologies



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    Max.: 3,500 °C (6,332 °F)

    Min.: 550 °C (1,022 °F)


The models IS 12, IS 12-S, IGA 12 and IGA 12-S units are exceptionally engineered pyrometers, geared to deliver outstanding precision in measuring impressively high temperature ranges of 550 to 3,500°C. The pyrometers are rugged in construction and designed to provide super-quick response times of less than one millisecond. The output can be tested to ensure accuracy.

They provide several superlative features. They facilitate contactless temperature measurements with ultra-small spot sizes of minimum 0.1mm. They provide an excellent 900:1 distance ratio. Interface is via two fast-limit interchangeable ports of RS232 and RS485. They are equipped with a digital display that displays maximum five digits and incorporates LED technology. Operations are conducted via a through-lens view-finder. A laser targeting light is optionally incorporable.

The pyrometers offer optics in either fixed or focusing options. Depending on the application and range requirement, three varying focusable optics and six varying fixed optics are available to ensure optimized temperature measurement. The pyrometers are extremely adept at measuring temperatures of surfaces like ceramics, graphite, metals, etc. Relevant keys can be selected via the LED display to select desired parameters settings. The actual temperature value is displayed by the measuring function.

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