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Synthetic composite filter medium / for HEPA
LydAir® MB series Lydall Filtration


  • Material:

    synthetic composite

  • Applications:

    for HEPA


LydAir® MB Synthetic media is available in efficiencies from MERV-10/F5 to MERV 16/F9. It is engineered for consistent processing and performance in stitched or ultrasonically sealed pocket and pleated filter designs. LydAir® MB provides high efficiency and dust-holding while minimizing airflow resistance.


* 100% Synthetic Construction
* High efficiency
* Low air flow resistance
* High dirt holding capacity
* Available ASHRAE efficiencies: 45% to >95%


* General HVAC Systems
* Equipment Intake/Exhaust Air
* Paint Spray Booth
* Prefiltration for HEPA Systems


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