condensate pump / for gas / electric / peristaltic
SR25.1/Ex-G series M&C TechGroup Germany



  • Media:

    condensate, for gas

  • Operation:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    ATEX, service

  • Flow:

    Min.: 0.012 l/h (0.0032 us gal/h)

    Max.: 0.8 l/h (0.2113 us gal/h)

  • Pressure:

    2,200 mbar (31.908 psi)


ApplicationThe peristaltic pump SR25.X-X has been speciallydeveloped for condensate removal inanalysis applications. It ensures a continuouscondensate discharge in gas coolers, condensatecollecting vessels, etc. A synchronousmotor and the gearing unit with return stopmake a condensate flow back impossible.The capacity of 0.3 l/h guarantees a safe condensateremoval, for example when cooling850 l/h sample gas with an initial dew pointof +70 °C (158 °F).DescriptionThe peristaltic pump SR25.X-X is self-suctioningand designed for continuous operation. Itconsists of 3 compact parts:• synchronous motor• gearing unit with return stop• pump headThe slow speed, the two PVDF contact pulleysand the different tubing materials guaranteea good mechanical and chemical resistancewith a long service life. Pre-assembled flexibletubing sets make it easy to replace tubing,even without using any tools. The tube connectorDN4/6 also allows connecting PTFEtubing.