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M&R’s unique Transformer & Blu-Flash™ flash-based curing system gives small and startup manual screen printing shops an unmatched level of versatility in flash curing and electric conveyor drying—and at an unbelievably low price. The Blu-Flash flash cure unit is the starting point. Its powerful infrared radiant panel provides rapid, consistent curing performance and outstanding durability. A variable-percentage (1-100) power control allows adjustment of the curing temperature, and the sturdy, lightweight stand provides easy positioning and superior portability.

Up to three Blu-Flash cure units can be combined with the Transformer conveyor, turning it into a powerful infrared electric screen printing conveyor dryer. Unlike with traditional electric conveyor dryers, operators can add or remove radiant panels at will simply by moving Blu-Flash cure units in or out. This is especially beneficial since jobs that don’t require between-color flash curing can take advantage of the faster throughput provided by syncing multiple Blu-Flash cure units with the Transformer conveyor. On the other hand, jobs that require flashing on the press typically require less speedy throughput, enabling operators to move one Blu-Flash from the Transformer conveyor to the press without adversely affecting productivity. The Transformer conveyor features an analog belt-speed controller, allowing operators to select the appropriate speed based on substrate, ink, and the number of Blu-Flash cure units in operation at any given time.

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