IP66 siren / without beacon
2400W | EIGHT HORNS | HPS-8008 MA Safety Signal Co.,Ltd.



  • Protection level:


  • Type:

    without beacon

  • Sound level:

    Max.: 146 dB

    Min.: 137 dB


HPS-8008 high power mass notification siren are applied for mass alerting and notification operation,such as in petrochemical,mining,power station,dam,natural hazard warning,military base,prison,campus and other industrial and civil fields.

The siren has advantages of high acoustic output power,massive sound coverage and shock voice performance.The very high power horn is able to achieve max. 1300 meters and max. 137dB sound pressure.The horn is with high shock strength,and able to work under severe environments,anti water,dust(IP66),corrosion,and high-low temperature resistant.

Ten general alarm tones(or other special tones) are integrated,Siren,Fire,Security,First Aid,Emergency,Warning,Air Horn Pi-Pi-Pi,Pi---,All Clear,which carry out alarm tasks under different emergency situation.

One push-to-talk microphone provided PA solution,also can record instant PA and replay repeatedly.With USB Sticker / SD-Card port player,it can play mp3.It also provides Audio input and output port for connect other equipment.

This product has been authorized by CE test system with No. EC.1282.0S130823.WME2124