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Many types of electrical equipment work perfectly well on a voltage lower than the standard mains supply.This is particularly true for equipment designed to operate on 380V or 400V three phase supplies where the supply is 415V.The actual power supply is higher than necessary the equipment will consume more power than needed and in many cases, equipment life is reduced,effectively increasing the cost of ownership.

Energy Saving Transformer(EST) helps organizations make some of the biggest financial savings possible on their energy bills by reducing the mains voltage used to power electrical equipment.It is a tapped auto-transformer which reduces voltage by up to 12% by a fixed amount,making it ideal for sites with a reasonably stable voltage supply.A t full load the EST Voltage Optimization delivers efficiency of more than 99% which can realize energy savings of up to 20%.

•Energy saving of up to 20%
•Fast return of investment (ROI) time
•Prolonged equipment life span
•High operational efficiency
•Adjustable configurations based on site requirements
•Display of input and output voltage and output current
•Internal Protection against overheating
•Optional GPRS & Wireless Energy Monitor for realtime energy monitoring
•Single and three phase up to 1000KVA