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    isolation, distribution

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Three phase or single phase dry-type low voltage (LV) transformers are used as isolation transformers or to adjust the voltage level in the LV distribution grid. We have advanced technology and imported equipments and made of high quality silicon sheet, copper/aluminum enamel insulated wire(or high quality foil),insulation material and optimal design. Applied with arranged non-bobbin coil winding technology and Vacuum Pressure Impregnation(VPI) process, the transformer insulation class up to H or C.

•Low losses
•Low weight and compact dimensions
•Non-flammable and non-explosive
•IP21 enclosures (optional)
•With air cooling based on natural convection

The specifications as input and output,capacity,voltage,
current,frequency(40~650Hz),temperature rise,
insulation class and noise can be custom designed.

Our low voltage transformers are widely used in industrial applications and in commercial and public buildings. They are also used for adjusting
the voltage from 690 V to 400 V or as isolation transformers with a voltage ratio of 1:1,providing galvanic separation.Dedicated products are available for various applications:

•Wind or solar
•Transportation (ie, marine or railways)
•Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
•Chemical, oil and gas industry
•Motor drive
Tpye •Isolation Transformers
•Auto Transformers
•Harmonic Mitigating Transformers
•K-Factor Transformers
•Variable Transformers
•Buck & Boost Transformers