Gear pump / chemistry / pharmaceutical
0.1 - 2 400 l/min | cinox®, therminox® Maag Pump Systems


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    chemistry, pharmaceutical


Acids, alkalis, solvents and other aggressive substances in all conceivable
forms are part of everyday life in the chemical processing industry. Precisely
the environment in which Maag Pump Systems' tried and established gear
pumps develop their full potential. cinox® / therminox® gear pumps are
corrosion resistant and heatable stainless steel conveying units that
satisfy the stringent quality requirements of today's chemical processing
Thanks to the extensive range of components and materials of construction
to choose from, Maag gear pumps can be configured to suit customers’
specific requirements and are therefore far superior to standard pumps
in terms of performance and reliability. Whether the applications involve
highly pure, corrosive, viscous or very hot media, Maag Pump Systems
holds the solution to meet every pumping challenge.
• Wide viscosity range
• Wide temperature range
• Wide pressure range
• High efficiencies due to tolerances being modified
in line with applications
• Reliability
• Longevity
• Safety


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