Gear pump / for melted plastic extrusion
10.2 - 3 324 cm³/rev, max. 350 bar | extrex® GP Maag Pump Systems


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  • Function:

    for melted plastic extrusion


Maag Pump Systems gear pumps are displacement pumps for high pressure environments. Their performance and long lifespan increase the efficiency of your manufacturing plant. They are used in diverse processes as feed, reactor discharge and booster pumps for low and high-viscosity applications.
The new extrex® 70-5 HV gear pump has a maximum ∆p of 200 bar and a 25% higher specific volume due to its wider gear design. The new extrex® gear pump is also available in models such as HP for ∆p up to 400 bar, RB for rubber processing, and the standard GP for regular extrusion process applications.


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