resistance welding generator / single-phase / DC
5 kW | M1-10 MacGregor Welding Systems


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  • Other characteristics:

    single-phase, DC


The m1 series by MacGregor Welding Systems is a compact, lightweight power supply range aimed at bringing superior technology at affordable prices. The units offer closed loop control with embedded monitoring and are an ideal option for a wide range of applications. The series consists of two models, the m1-10, offering linear technology, especially designed for precision low current applications and the m1-40 which is designed for higher current applications.
Typical Applications

Gold ribbon welding
Micro circuit welding
Solar cell assembly
Sensor and component welding
Detonator and bridge wire welding

Unit Features

Ideal for precision, low current welding applications
Lowest cost unit available offering industry leading performance
Ideal replacement for existing systems such as the MCW-550 and Unibond ®