Multi-disc clutch / air-operated
Mach III Clutch, Inc.

Types of Multi-Disc Industrial Friction Clutches Available from Mach III

•Air Engaged/Spring Released Friction Clutches
Torque transmitted is proportional to the amount of air pressure applied. When air pressure is absent, springs provide positive separation of drive discs so that torque is no longer transmitted.
•Spring Engaged/Air Released Friction Clutches
A fixed amount of torque is transmitted. To release the clutch, air pressure is applied to overcome the spring pressure.

Mounting Options for Mach III Multi-Disc Industrial Friction Clutches

•Through and End of Shaft Pilot Mount Multi-Disc Friction Clutches
Connect a sprocket, pulley or v-belt sheave mounted on the pilot of the clutch to a shaft.
•Multi-Disc Friction Clutch Mechanisms with Adapters
Connect a fully supported shaft to a bearing mounted pulley, gear or other mating component.
•Multi-Disc Friction Clutch Mechanisms with Couplings
Connect two fully supported shafts that are in precise angular and parallel alignment.
•Multi-Disc Flexible Friction Clutch Couplings
Connect two fully supported shafts that have a slight amount of angular misalignment and/or parallel offset.
•Multi-Disc NEMA Frame Friction Clutches
Connect a c-face motor and gear reducer.

Mach III Multi-Disc Industrial Friction Clutch Features
•Multiple disc clutch design for high torque in a compact package
•Specifiable bore sizes up to the maximum shown for each friction clutch (US & Metric) for easy installation
•Soft start friction engagement
•Required pulleys, sprockets and v-belt sheaves can be installed on any friction clutch at the factory


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