semi-automatic L-sealer / with shrink tunnel
500 x 500 mm | LP series Machinecraft



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    with shrink tunnel


Shrink Wrapping machines with angle sealing bar for a complete closure of the product with all types of folded film complete with tunnel and cooling section.
LP - 4040

Sealine bar cm. 400 mm*400 mm.
Optional Automatic convcyoc bclt for sealer discharge
Tunnel passage opening cm. 400 mm*250 mm ( ht.)
Electric power 6 kW.
Output 4-8 packs/minute.

LP - 5050

Sealing bar cm. 500 mm*500 mm.
Optional Automatic conveyor belt for sealer discharge.
Tunnel passage opening cm. 500 mm*300 mm( ht.)
Electric power 8kW.
Output 4-8 packs/minute.