blown film coextrusion line / multilayer
BXL series Macro Engineering & Technology Inc.



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    blown film

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Macro's BXL Series of blown film coextrusion lines are designed to produce high performance barrier, printing and laminating films in an efficient and cost effective manner. The BXL Series is available up to 9-layers and is built using the latest technology, highest quality materials and superior workmanship. Every line is a versatile system capable of producing a variety of structures using different combinations of resins and layer configurations. Our unique die designs provide the needed flexibility to satisfy today's continuously evolving customer demands.


Typically, Macro's blown film systems are used in the production of films for converting, food packaging and medical applications. Common applications include lamination films, barrier films for vacuum packaging, thermoforming and skin packaging, milk/beverage/wine packaging films, stretch films, stretch hood films, heavy duty sack films, medical films, geomembrane films, greenhouse films, and agricultural films.

Typical materials processed on BXL lines include LDPE/LLDPE, mPE, HDPE, EVA, PP, PETG, PS and SBS Copolymers, PVC, Nylon, EVOH, PVdC, Ionomers, Surlyn, Acid Copolymers and Tie Resins