Earth resistivity meter
X612-EM M.A.E. S.r.l.

X612-EM: MAEs response to the new demands of high resolution and 3D analysis of the geo- electrical measures
X612-EM represents a new conception of geo resistivimeter for measures of resistivity, multi electrode tomography, measure of the spontaneous potentials, chargeability, induced polarization (I.P.) or V.E.S. (Vertical Electric Survey). The instrument includes all the elements to carry out vertical geo-electric and multi-electrode prospecting with 48 electrodes. It is anyhow possible to increase the number of electrodes managed by the device, thanks to the external expansion boxes of 24 or 48 electrodes each, which allow to manage up to 288 electrodes or more. The main characteristic of this instrument is the very high executions velocity of the surveys, both 2D and 3D, permitted by the new and innovative data acquisition platform, which allows the simultaneous acquisition on almost the channels, the instrument is provided with. X612-EM is provided with the "preview" function, which allows the user to visualize a preview of the pseudo-section coming from the data just acquired directly on the field ground. The use of this function allows the operator to immediately verify the data registered. The instrument takes a single measure the cycle of measure set by the user in the automatic mode. Once the cycle of measure is concluded, the data acquired can be immediately displayed by the preview" function, which allows the user to immediately verify the data recorded and processed by the proper data processing software.


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