Resistivity measuring device / 48 integrated channels / cutting edge
X612-EM M.A.E. S.r.l.


  • Measured value:


  • Other characteristics:

    48 integrated channels

  • Applications:

    cutting edge


X612-EM represents a new conception of geo resistivimeter to measure resistivity, multi electrode tomography, measuring the spontaneous potentials, chargeability, induced polarization (I.P.) or V.E.S. (Vertical Electric Survey). The instrument has all the elements to perform vertical geo-electric and multi-electrode prospecting with 48 electrodes. This instrument has very high execution velocity of the surveys, both 2D and 3D, which allows the acquisition on almost the channels within the instrument, simultaneously.

It has the "preview" function, which allows you to visualize a preview of the pseudo-section coming from the data directly acquired on the field ground. This allows the operator to verify the registered data. The data acquired can be displayed by the “preview" function, which allows you to process it. Data are recorded and stored either on an internal Disk. The power of the internal generator can be expanded from 250 watt to 600 watt. The unit is fully computerized and all the operative functions are selected simply by touching the proper menu on the 12.2” LCD transflective color monitor. The monitor comes with integrated touch-screen with 24 bit resolution.


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