liquid level indicator / magnetic / float / direct-reading
Vector™ MAGNETROL International



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    magnetic, float

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Vector is a rugged, reliable and cost-effective Magnetic Level Indicator (MLI). Suitable for a variety of installations, Vector is precision-engineered and manufactured to ensure a long service life. Vector is built to the highest quality standards and is equipped with a high-visibility indicator which has a shatter-resistant viewing window. The Vector MLI virtually eliminates maintenance and is a great replacement for hard-to-see, leaky, sight and gauge glass indicators. Optional switches and transmitters are available to provide various output signals for level control.

Operating Principle
A float travels up and down in a chamber that is mounted to a liquid containing vessel. The float contains a magnetic assembly that interacts with an externally-mounted visual indicator. As the float follows the liquid surface or liquid-liquid interface, the magnetic field causes highly contrasting flags in the visual indicator to rotate. The result is a clearly defined representation of the liquid level in the vessel.


Feedwater heaters
Oil/water separators
Flash drums
Surge tanks
Gas chillers
Storage tanks