silicone dosing unit / epoxy / low-flow / urethane
MicroPro Magnum Venus Products



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    epoxy, low-flow, urethane


The MicroPro series of proportioners from Magnum Venus Plastech is made for applications that require accurate metering in a wide array of materials at very low flow rates. It is used to deal with various media such as epoxies, urethane, and silicone, and is utilized for spray, splatter, pour and RTM operations. It can also deal with a viscosity range from 20 to 40,000 cps, at flow rates that do not exceed 1.893 liters per minute. It may come with shot size preferences, or a hydraulic drive. Moreover, it may be available with a mold pressure guard, an auto level control and alarm, and a recirculation option. Exact ratios may also be set.