two-component pultrusion resin dosing unit / volumetric / piston / hydraulic motor
Mini Link Magnum Venus Products



  • Applications:

    two-component pultrusion resin

  • Type:

    volumetric, piston

  • Other characteristics:

    hydraulic motor


The Mini Link System uses a hydraulic motor as well as a cylinder to drive the metering system. This provides a consistent mix/meter of materials and reduced flow rates that are generally not possible using a pneumatic drive system. This is perfect for reduced and high pressure applications with material viscosity from 20-40,000cps, for flow rates are under 1/2 gallon/minute (1.893L/min.).

This is a necessary requirement for the injecting of mixed/metered resin into a pultrusion die, which maintains correct glass to resin ratios providing negligible waste. Hydraulic pump reversal is achievable through the use of dual magnetic proximity switches for quick pump reversal changes. Both the material fluids sections are made with stainless steel, and the piston rod as well as fluid cylinders use hardened stainless steel for wear assistance.