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Power Sonics exclusive designs are known as the Type IP ultrasonic transducers. Typically each transducer requires a one kW generator to drive it and has a radiating surface of approximately 100 square inches. They are designed to be mounted in just about any position, depending on the cleaning application.

Faster, the Type IP transducer because of the lamination design and layout achieves more even cavitation, which result in a transducer which achieved cavitation easily and quickly. The lamination design produces higher cavitation intensity that is more evenly distributed throughout the cleaning area.

This type of magnetostrictive transducer design consists of individual laminations driven by a common coil. Coverage of the radiating surface with laminations results in a high intensity design capable of being driven at high power densities. Levels of 10 Watts per square inch of lamination are typical with this approach.

The high efficiency of this new transducer design also reduces stress on generator components, which results in extended generator life. Type GM, GL and GP generators power these immersibles.

Other advantages of the lamination material are mechanical, electrical and thermal toughness. Low voltage excitation and continuous polarization support the high efficiency design. The "Synergistic" driving action of the radiating surface allows the IP transducer to be driven at the highest usable power levels for achieving effective cavitation.


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