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Automatic inspection machine / gear
max. 200 x 200 x 320 mm | GMX 275 C MAHR


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GMX 275 is one of the latest full automatic gear testers, designed for applications of the newer generation. This device is known for its excellence and efficiency when it comes to gear and gear-tool measurements. Among the most impressive features, the automatic tail-stock and the innovative 3D scanning probe-head are worth mentioning.

The item also comes with full automatic correction of alignment errors, with the help of the integrated wobble angle compensation software. In addition, single cycle measurement and analysis are possible for multiple gear shafts. Next, automatic integration of the Gleason Gage4Win interface is suitable for close-loop applications, while the special analysis modules for conical gears are also important.

Finally, the remote diagnostic systems is integrated, while the ultra-compact and robust design will save plenty of space.


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