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Protein analyzer / trace / benchtop / compact
NanoSight NS300 Malvern Instruments


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    compact, with counting function


The NS300 unit can visualize and analyze particles in suspension in the 10-2000 nm size spectrum varying with material, and satisfies the demands of various applications including protein aggregation, exosome and micro-vesicle research, drug delivery systems, characterizes materials in accordance with the new EU Definition of Nano-materials, and is ideally suited for analysis of particles labeled with fluorescent Quantum Dots. This advanced NanoSight equipment offers multi-faceted measurement that comprises of a motorized filter wheel, and a rheology function that measure viscosity in the 0-5 centipoise spectrum. With the unit measuring just 40 cm long by 25 cm wide, the NS300 is packed with NanoSights modern features and functionality. It is delivered with a high sensitivity CMOS camera, temperature control, a choice of laser block. It enhances the quality of NanoSight family of equipment by providing a solution to researchers with compact laboratories without any quality or functionality concession.


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