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Water analyzer / for particle size analysis / benchtop / with counting function
NanoSight LM10 Malvern Instruments


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  • Measured value:

    for particle size analysis

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  • Other characteristics:

    with counting function, laboratory


The NanoSight LM10 Series of Particle Size Analyzer and Particle Counter, manufactured by Malvern Instruments Ltd., are specifically suitable for use within research laboratories. These devices utilizes a laser light source to illuminate nano-scale particles within a 0.3 ml sample that introduced to the viewing unit with a disposable syringe. They feature polydisperse and multimodal systems which are recognizable and quantifiable, as are agglomerates and contaminants.

Moreover, the Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) software suite is also provided to permit automatically track and size nano particles on an individual basis. The results are shown as a frequency size distribution graph and output to spreadsheet, and the video clips of photos can be captivated and documented for future reference. It also enhances the sensitivity of the standard LM10.


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