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X-ray diffractometer
CubiX³ series Malvern Panalytical


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One solution for multiple industrial applications

CubiX3 is used in all industries where control of incoming powders, production and quality control are important. The CubiX3 range includes dedicated versions, tailored to the needs of those working in mining, iron and steel, building materials, aluminium production, pharmaceuticals, tooling or catalysts.The CubiX3 is available in the following versions:

CubiX3 Minerals
for ore, rock and minerals analysis in a mining environment
CubiX3 Iron
for iron ore, direct reduced iron and retained austenite analysis
CubiX3 Cement
for clinker, cement, raw material and raw meal analysis
CubiX3 Potflux
for electrolytic baths, carbon anodes and alumina analysis
CubiX3 Pharma
for drug discovery, development and manufacturing


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